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"Thank you for sending the guide to use with the Gifts film, so that individuals and groups can reflect on the images and meanings that come up for them. I think you have given excellent examples, which open up possibilities for exploration, without going into prescription, interpretation or an agenda. This allows for the film and reflection process to be used in diverse settings in many ways, which is very good."
Angeles Arrien
President, Foundation for Cross-Cultural Education and Research
Author - The Second Half of Life


"The sheer beauty is enough... a gentle, yet poignant meditation of the heart. Whether viewing for 15 minutes, or 30, 'Gifts' is a deep inspiration regardless of age ~ reminding each viewer that nurturing our heart's call in ourselves, and in others, is indeed, the greatest gift."

Shirley Jantz

"Some things, the minute you see them, you also see the enormous potential they have. Gifts: for navigating life's journey is one such gift; it truly is. The combination of exquisitely composed black and white still hands, the deliberate pacing, the thoughtful text, the evocative music - all of it combined with deep artistry. It made me reach into my deeper self and start to think about what elders bring to us and what I hope to contribute. I can see Gifts being used in colleges, in homes for senior citizens, with students, counsellors, elders, young people, almost anywhere. I wish Gifts tireless wings as it starts on its journey in the world!"

Bishakha Datta
Executive Director, Point of View
Trustee, Wikipedia

"I gave the Gifts film to a close friend for her birthday, and a small group of us watched the film together.  You could have heard a pin drop! Everyone was so captivated with it. Afterwards each person shared what image touched them the most and why.  It was a valued bonding experience for us,  and I can imagine us doing this together each year."

Marion Weber

"We were deeply touched and thrilled to have received over 300 submissions, and I am so happy to inform you that your grouping of images has been chosen to be featured on one of the main navigation pages of our new site!"

Mary Daniel Hobson, Director, Arts & Healing Network

"The Gift has been a beautiful teaching tool which has inspired my graduate students in their journey toward thesis writing. The film has catalyzed a reflective process about how their writing can become their gift to the world."

Susanne M. Fest, Ed.D. Faculty, Individualized Liberal and Professional Studies Antioch University Midwest

"Each time I watch the film, I sit silently, looking and listening for the spark of emotion that arises from an image. Once I feel this,  I begin to journal or write freely, letting thoughts flow without attachment to grammar or judgement. After this initial process, I may look at my writing again for themes and journal deeper. For me, this process is part of the cleansing of mind, body and spirit."

Elizabeth Polasek

"During my second residency at Antioch University, we watched the Gifts film. Your film helps me to see the wonders of this earth with deep gratitude;  the wonders of nature, the connections, the relationships, and the commonalities. I think it can help people in despair to see the beauty again. Thank you for this beautiful, moving film!."

Isabelle Dierauer

"Snuggled together, my husband and I watch Gifts, sharing life gifts we gave and received. Later, he can’t talk: we watch exquisite photos wordlessly. Activity Directors in Day Care show Gifts: inspiring memories, calming anxious minds. Residents in his Care Center watch beautiful images; visitors watch with loved ones, when talk feels too hard. All this, I imagine: our 12 year Alzheimer’s journey came before this extraordinary film appeared. But I know Gifts is truly a gift to persons with dementia, and their families!"

Ann Davidson, Author 
Alzheimer’s: A Love Story and
A Curious Kind of Widow

"Your Black and White images are amazing! They were perfect for our Art Show and Auction, 'There's No Place Like Home' that helps to raise funds vital to supporting our efforts to create and preserve affordable housing here on Whidbey Island."

Sandra Stipe, Executive Director Saratoga Community Housing
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