“These images, words and music become a valued community of support for all ages. Making the gifts of elders visible with compassion and beauty, Penny Kaela Bauer reminds us what is important and meaningful in life. I find her work a ray of hope for our future.”
Marion Weber - Founder
The Arts and Healing Network and The Flow Fund

“Celebrating cultures from around the world, Penny Kaela Bauer and her exquisite visual work contribute to the mystery and beauty we encounter in life, especially the second half of life.” 
Angeles Arrien - President,The Foundation for Cross-Cultural Education and Research, Author, The Second Half of Life

"As a citizen of the world, let me tell you that I gasped a few times at the beauty of the images, but really it was the profound display of so many ordinary and wonderful things."
Barton Cole - Artist

"I have been a professional photographer for over 45 years and have seen some really outstanding photography. I must say your images have moved me more than any I have seen. They are so personal and tell their story in a most profound manner."   
J. Arthur Davis - Photographer

"I cannot tell you how beautiful your photographs are. I will go back again and again. It’s what your eye sees, your heart values and your mind decides is important. Viewing your work is like entering another zone of reality."
Jeanette Madden - Artist

"Moments to take one’s breath away. You have captured more than the visible."
Susan Bertrand - British Columbia, Canada